Honestly, you don't just want followers. You also want to participate. For example, if you only have 10 likes, what is the use of having 400k followers on Instagram? So the main question here arises is how to get more likes on Instagram. There are 400k, you should strive for a minimum of 1k.

Also, when brands pay Instagram influencers to publish their products, they don't pay much attention to followers. They care about your participation. For example, Xavier has 1 million fans but 200,000 likes. Sofia has 700,000 fans, but 30,000 likes. Brands, if they decide between the two, may follow Sophia, unless their marketing team doesn't know how social media works.

So, you want engagement + followers.

In order to achieve this goal, your account needs to provide them with value. If your Instagram is ordinary, they won't follow you (unless you are really super attractive.)

Try to fill in things like photography, music, hot models, food-whatever you want, but as I said, if you are hot and young, then this is what you need.

In any case, to improve your Instagram game, you need to do the following:

  1. Unanimous release. If there are skinny YouTubers, Viners, Snapchat (yes that's one thing), musically, triller (if that's still one thing), and bloggers have something in common, it's consistency. They are all popular influencers because people look forward to seeing them post. You create a requirement for the content-a small requirement. I suggest arranging the release through Hootsuite or Buffer. Sometimes you may feel sad because you are not growing fast, or you are just tired or busy, so arranging a position is a good thing.
  2. Ensure your image quality. Don't post selfies all the time. If it is a personal account, please use a photographer or have your friends take pictures for you. Be artistic-don't just stand there and look awkward. If you are a business, use professional images with good lighting and resolution to highlight your products. Make sure you do it right the first time. When posting, users may see you through keywords and may check your account. If your content looks amateurish, then they will leave without following or something similar. So try to make your photos the best. If someone goes to your profile, they will most likely not find you again; so, let a visit count and hope you will convince them to participate in your content.
  3. Interact with the community. People expect to like, comment, share, and follow. They think, "Oh, let me post and I will see what happens." This will not increase the account. You must interact with the community. Therefore, please enter the search bar, enter relevant keywords or tags, and participate in it. By liking and commenting on other people's posts-especially smaller fans, because their larger accounts are more likely to participate. In addition, please participate in recent photos, as older photos may be inactive old accounts. For every 100 likes you give, you may receive 1-10 likes; if you do it right, maybe more. If you have a niche, search for keywords related to your brand, as well as those posts, because they are more likely to contact you. Also, if the conversion rate seems to below, it is a lifestyle. For every 30,000 visitors to the store’s website, the store owner’s sales are less than 100. Sometimes, YouTubers with 5 million subscribers ask their fans to follow them on other sites such as Twitter or Instagram, but not everyone will convert because this is life. They should expect to reach 1M to 2M.
  4. In multiple platformsto establish their own brands to continue to use Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube (possible) as well as any other popular platforms, and where he was raised. Publish consistently, publish quality, and interact with these communities, and then cultivate your followers. Then, keep asking your audience to follow you on your other platforms.
Search Engine Optimization. When publishing, add keywords to the title. No matter who you are, you must put a label, such as the brand of the shoes you are wearing, the cup you are holding, and so on. But don't go too far, it looks rubbish. Unless your niche is plates and things, don't make cups. But SEO. If your niche is mental health, put in keywords such as depression and anxiety, but it went well. If you are a skateboarding niche. Mark the brand you use and add the location of your skate park. Do anything to maximize your possibilities.